Outlining the Organizational Structure of ISAISLAM

As was explained previously, this is the 2020 reincarnation of the original 2002 launch of Isa in Islam.  Although I owned both domains at that time and now, I had formerly functioned under the more popular .com extension whereas now I have chosen to use as the domain.  The primary reason for this change is my desire to be viewed as an organization instead of some form of commercial entity.  Since its core structure has beliefs commonly held by traditional Muslims, that have been enhanced by key theological principles related to Jesus as the Messiah, it is not surprising to be considered an offshoot of the root religion.  Way back in the early years, I remember how after a certain period of time of existence a search engine stroll of my website officially listed ISAISLAM as an Islamic Sect.  Whether that term is viewed positively or negatively, it is only natural for that designation to eventually be given again. 

I truly believe that this website is the fulfillment of my Call to Islam.  I am proclaiming its message at this time; I seek for it to grow in popularity, by Allah's will, during the rest of the years I have on this earth; then I pray that it may be sustained outside this website by indigenous leaders after I have died.  For that reason, although I would naturally be considered the founder of this movement, I do not want to be its leader, or shaykh.  Inshallah, I want to have Muslims who have accepted Isa as their Messiah to naturally take leadership responsibility in their communities, cities, countries and even worldwide.  Although I will provide input and guidance when I am able, there will be no central control or regulation- the organizational structure will be independent and decentralized.  I understand this means that there will organically be variance among believers on any number of positions dealing with theology and practice.  I imagine some groups will align themselves with more traditional Islamic tenets while others will emphasize the more spiritual aspects of Sufism.  There may even be some who will follow more typical Christian behaviors.  These differences must be accepted by all balancers since Allah does not have the same will for every one of his submitters.  There will be unity in diversity under the umbrella of ISAISLAM.

One of the changes I am making this time around is to remove myself as a source of correspondence and dependence.  There will be some readers who will want to defend their own personal beliefs by outlining "where I am wrong" by giving various quotations from the Quran or other references.  Please accept my apologies in advance for not even responding to your quest for debate.  I will not be engaged in any arguments, instead, it is YOU who has to convince Allah why you have chosen to ignore His will to accept Isa as your Messiah.  Likewise, I am sorry that I cannot take the time to be a penpal or counselor to those seeking guidance on their spiritual journey.  My prayers will go up for all IsaMuslims and ask that Allah will give them guidance and blessings but I am humanly not able to be personally involved in every seeker's individual life.


Creating the Networking Structure of ISAISLAM

Although I, as one individual, am not able to communicate with all readers of this website, I would like to provide a means for those who identify or are sympathetic to this endeavor to connect with one another.  Towards that end, the 2020 version of ISAISLAM is starting a Networking section to foster interaction, support and growth among balancers.  Some may consider themselves members of this virtual organization, having Accepted the prayer of Balancing Belief in Isa with Belief in Islam and want to fellowship with their spiritual brothers and sisters.  Others may be leaning towards becoming an IsaMuslim but would like to correspond with supporters to gather more information and ask a few questions.  Inshallah, in the near future, the Networking page which is currently blank will have three sections:

  • MESSAGES:  I would like to post a few comments from readers that will briefly summarize their "road towards balancing" that can serve as a source of encouragement to other inquirers.  First name and country of origin will be included (no identifying details will be provided).
  • CONTACTS:  Here I will list information on believers or seekers who wish to correspond with others for support or advice.  You may provide a one or two line summary of your current spiritual status.  Please include a first name (or nickname/pseudonym), age range, male/female, and city/state/country along with a contact e-mail address (could be a burner e-mail account, if you would like to stay anonymous).
  • LINKS:  As the organization grows, I pray that Allah will provide leaders that will help create ancillary structure and support related to ISAISLAM.  This would include translations of this website in different languages, sister sites where new information is provided, as well as news feeds, blogs, social forums, etc. that promote dialogue for this movement.  I also not only give permission but even request supporters to copy the content of this entire site and duplicate it onto your own personal ISAISLAM or ISAMUSLIM website (i.e., you could reserve country specific .org/.com extensions or other less common options).  This will not only help with worldwide promotion on the Internet but also ensure the continuation of this site's message if it goes offline after my spirit has left this earth.  To be included in this section, please provide a brief summary of the ancillary content and the link to the web address.     

I am well aware that some enemies of the Messiah may try to negatively influence true seekers from their faith.  If you are a Contact and someone does not bring words of encouragement then my advice is to simply block them from messaging you again.  Also, if you correspond with any Contact who is not sincere in their proclaimed alignment with our basic tenets then let me know and I will remove them from this list.  The same principle applies to a Link that tries to sabotage the message, especially if it is in a different language that I cannot speak.  Hostility or online bullying will not be tolerated in a place where honest, open dialogue between Muslims trying to submit to Allah's will for their lives is the mission.

For consideration in any of these three Networking sections, or to relay a personal message to me, you may use the following e-mail addressThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Dr. Mustafa