I can understand if some of the things you have read about ISAISLAM may be difficult to accept without first a little contemplation.  Assuming that you are a Muslim, I request you pray to Allah and ask Him whether the beliefs presented in this website are something you- as a submitter to Allah's will- should indeed accept.  May Allah give all of us wisdom to know His will and the strength to then actually do it.

Allow me to provide a parallel to two people who were born in different countries, speak different languages, and are a part of different cultures.  What makes them similar is that they both live their lives as very spiritual individuals, just in different religions.  Unfortunately, even though I and my ex-wife were the common connection between them they never had the chance to meet in person.  My mother is a born-again Christian and my former father-in-law is a Sunni Muslim who made the hajj pilgrimage.  I could sit down and talk for hours with both of them and they could explain why their religion is special and preferable to other systems of faith.  What makes the situation interesting is the fact that there would have been a very good chance that if my former father-in-law had been born in "Christian America" and my mother born in a Muslim country they both would have still been spiritual, just as members of the "other" religion they are now against. 

Do you realize that the same logic could also apply to your own religious socialization?  Can you honestly tell me that if you, a Muslim, had been born to Christian parents and raised in a church then you would have somehow found a way to convert to Islam?  Could you have subsequently accepted the personal rejection that I myself have gone through?  Although some Muslims may criticize ISAISLAM for its theological closeness to parts of Christianity, I can honestly say that I do not personally know of another person besides myself so deeply involved in one religious tradition becoming so close to another one.  I hope my critics would, thus, emphasize how far I have come more than where they wish I would be.

Imagine if you will a young man who decides to go parachuting for the first time.  As he is high in the air he realizes that if the parachute he is about to put on does not work then there is no turning back, it will cost him his life.  His friend helps him put a parachute on his back.  He explains that this is the same type that he himself is wearing so it can be trusted.  Another person on the plane has a different type of parachute, one that goes on the front, and offers to give the man an extra one on board.  This man explains that since he himself is trusting his own life with it this parachute should be worn instead.  What should the new jumper do?  I do not know about you but personally I would feel much more secure jumping from a plane with two parachutes on instead of only one!

To make things simple, let us say that there are one billion Christians in the world who believe that their religion is right and superior to Islam.  Then let us take one billion Muslims who say that Islam is closer to the truth than Christianity.  Do you believe that, after they die, one billion of these religious adherents to the Supreme Being will go to heaven and the other billion to hell?  I believe there are more factors involved than just the title of your faith.  I also know that many who will say to others they are 100% sure their religious beliefs are correct may actually have some doubts when it is their turn to jump from the airplane.  One final point is that each leap to the afterlife is made alone.  Family, friends and religious instructors which are so important here will not be able to "talk for you" when it is your turn to be judged when Isa returns at the end of the world.  The purpose of my call to Islam from Christianity and the presentation of ISAISLAM is to let people know that it is possible to submit to the will of the Supreme Being by wearing two the praise and glory of Allah.