Alhamdu lillahi rabbil alamin!

By sincerely praying those words to Allah you have begun a balanced life as a Muslim who has personally accepted the Messiah's atoning sacrifice.  With the burden of sin lifted, and Allah's Spirit enriching yourself, you now have assurance of salvation and freedom to worship and praise Allah in a way that truly pleases Him.

Here are a few suggestions worthy of being followed on a daily basis:

  • Thank Allah for the salvation He has provided you and for His Spirit.
  • Ask Allah to guide you so that you may learn how to better submit to His will for your life, whatever that may be.
  • Worship Allah!  Pray at home, pray in a mosque with other Muslims.  Fast during the month of Ramadan.  Give zakat as Allah requires.  Try to live a righteous and holy life, by the strength of Allah.
  • Read the Holy Books!  Read the Quran, first in your native language but also in Arabic.  Also find the Bible (Injil, Gospel- New Testament; Torah - Old Testament) in your native language and read that as well.
  • When you do wrong and sin, ask Allah to forgive you and to help you not to do it again.
  • As Allah guides you, share with others your experience with ISAISLAM and let them know how these beliefs have positively changed your life as an IsaMuslim.